Understanding Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis is the most effective and economical way to provide your family with high quality drinking water.  It is commonly used throughout the United States and especially here in St. George and throughout Utah and Idaho.  A good Reverse Osmosis water purifier system provides up to 97% pure water and it is literally that – pure water, not filtered water, but purified water.  Royal Water Systems has thousands of Reverse Osmosis systems installed throughout Utah and Idaho.  Most every family that invests into Reverse Osmosis loves it and is completely satisfied with it, but there are some families who are absolutely opposed to it and here are the pros and cons:

Pros of a Reverse Osmosis System:

1. Crystal Clear Ice Cubes.  Ice you buy is always perfectly clear isn’t it?  So why is yours cloudy?  The cloudiness is the impurities of the water that is now frozen in the ice.

2. Peace of Mind.  Most homes have city water or well water flowing into their homes.  Well water can have all kinds of heavy metals and impurities such as arsenic, barium, nitrates, and nitrides.  City water will always have chlorine, chloramines, or other impurities.  Reverse Osmosis removes all of these.

3. Cost effective.  Reverse Osmosis water is produced at $0.025/gallon.

4. Low Maintenance.  Filter changes cost less than $100.00/year (at Royal Water Systems)

5. No more buying and carrying water home.  Have all you want made right in your home.

Cons of a Reverse Osmosis System:

1. Commonly for every 1 gallon of water produced 4 gallons of waste water goes down the drain as the system flushes itself.

2. Storage tanks take up precious space under kitchen sinks.

3. There is no nutrition in the water, no minerals or vitamins.

     First of all it should be understood that Reverse Osmosis is a very good thing.  You have to admit that purified water with no minerals in it is far better than contaminated water with perhaps arsenic or chlorine in it.  We commonly add in a re-mineralization filter for many families that demand it – they purify their water and then add back in what they want to.  Now let’s look at the waste water – many people have the mistaken idea that when water goes down the drain it goes somewhere into oblivion.  This is not true.  All the water that was ever created with this earth is still here on this earth and is part of the hydrological cycle of the earth.  In fact when you think about it, the very water that you send down the drain today will make it to the ocean, be evaporated again, fall as rain, and could even be consumed by you again, and again, and again.  Water is not destroyed when it goes down the drain.  Storage tanks do take up room, but that will always be a part of reverse osmosis though we have been able in some instances to install the Reverse Osmosis system in the garage or elsewhere if plumbing permits.  If you have an unfinished basement this is certainly a possibility as you can see by the pictures.