Bubbles in Drinking Water

Why is my drinking water cloudy? It’s one of the most common questions we get at Royal Water Systems. Did you know that the “cloudy” water you sometimes get from your reverse osmosis system, though unsightly, is actually a good thing? That’s right, a good thing! First of all, it’s only dissolved oxygen (DO) and it dissipates from a glass of water from the bottom up leaving you with a perfectly clear glass of water in just a few moments. When living things are in water they consume oxygen, just like you and I do, therefore if you have a lot of DO in your water at the time you drink it, it’s a very good indication that there is nothing living in your water. The next thing you should know is that as water warms up, it releases the DO from it. That’s why bubbles form on the bottom of a pan of water before the water boils. The water in a reverse osmosis system naturally warms up to room temperature which of course is going to release the DO and it will show up as small bubbles that will rise to the top of your glass of water. Ever wonder why your 40 or 50 gallon water heater “pops” and a water softener NEVER does – It just might be a lot of DO in the water! So the next time you get a “cloudy” glass of water from your drinking water system, smile. If that cloudiness doesn’t go away then you better give us a call! www.rwatersystems.com – 801-850-1839