Our ultimate series water softeners are one of the best water softener systems for sale in Salt Lake City. This system provides an unlimited supply of soft filtered water to a home or business that use a high volume of water and don’t want to worry about ever running out of water.

This twin-alternating softener is perfect for commercial use or AirBnB homes where the number of guests can fluctuate drastically. The Ultimate Series includes a with a 10-year warranty. Overall, owning a water softener can help improve the quality of your life by providing you with better-tasting water, longer-lasting appliances, and a more comfortable home. All of the warranties include parts, labor and trip charges. 

 Whole House Water Treatment System Benefits

Single tank soft water systems have to regenerate when the resin beds become exhausted. During the regeneration cycle hard water is supplied to the house which can allow hard water to enter water heaters. Ultimate series systems are one of the best water softeners for sale in Salt Lake City because they avoid this problem by simply alternating from tank to tank. While one tank is regenerating water to the house is supplied from the other tank. Ultimate Series systems use Advanced Series components with a Twin Alternating Valve. As one of the best water softener systems in Salt Lake City, the Ultimate Series comes with a 15 year warranty.

  • High Density Composite Valve
  • High Impact Resistant Tanks
  • Up-flow Regeneration
  • Gravel Base for Better Water Distribution
  • Grade A 8% Crosslink Large Bead Resins insures better and more even regeneration of resin bed
  • 1” Control Valve
  • Advanced Electronic Microprocessor – User Friendly
  • Water Meter Controlled – Regenerates Only When Needed
  • Twin Alternating Configuration
  • USA Made in Utah
  • Salt Grid eliminates Salt Bridging
  • Safety Float Insures Against Flooding

Benefits of a Royal Water Softener System

Scale Buildup
Eliminates hard water mineral buildup inside the plumbing of your home keeping the water flowing freely through the pipes and with adequate pressure
Softer Skin and Hair
Eliminates soap scum buildup on skin and hair making hair much more manageable and skin that does not itch.
Cost Savings
Hard water reduces the efficiency of water heaters leading to higher energy bills as well as early replacement of water heaters and all the water-using appliances in your home.  Hard water minerals can also corrode plumbing and valves which will lead to water leaks, damage to the home and expensive service and/or remodeling costs.
In the Kitchen

Dishes will sparkle from the dishwasher instead of being covered with film and spots. Eliminates mineral buildup around kitchen faucets and fixtures.

In the Bathroom

Removing hard water minerals means removing soap scum that forms on shower walls and doors. Eliminates mineral buildup around bathroom faucets and fixtures. Eliminates hard water toilet rings that form in toilet bowls.

In the Laundry Room

Softer towels and linens that keep whites, white and colors bright. Greatly extends the life of linens and clothes.

Greatly extends the life of all water-using appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, clothes washers and toilets. 

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