In Home & Professional UV Water treatment Systems

VIQUA E4, Professional UV Water Treatment System
  • E4 Offers Outstanding Performance for Commercial Applications
  • Flow Rates up to 22 gpm (83 lpm).
  • Produces 50 Gallons/Day
  • Countdown Timer
  • Digital Display and Audible Lamp
  • High-performance UV Lamp
  • Easy to Maintain
  • UV Lamp Life Over 9000 
VIQUA D4+, Whole Home UV System


  • Highly Featured Whole-Home UV System With Graphical Interface
  • Flow Rates up to 12 GPM (34 LPM)
  • State-of-the-Art UV Sensor Technology
  • An Excellent Water Treatment Solution for the Average Sized Home
  • High-Performance UV Lamp
  • The Constant Current Feature Ensures Stable UV Lamp Output, Regardless of Power Fluctuations
  • UV Sensor – Ensures Appropriate UV Transmittance (UVT) at all Times