Got Airbnb’s or rentals and need consistent soft water?

It’s very do-able but in my opinion the only way to get it is with a twin alternating softener.  Single tank softeners work very nicely for families with consistent water usage from a consistent number of people living day to day in the home. The problem with Airbnb’s is that the number of people in the home can drastically fluctuate – 5 people this week, 20 people next week and so on depending on the size of the home.  It tends to “fake” a single tank softener out putting hard water throughout the house and into the water heaters which creates headaches for the cleaners and costly expenses in plumbing and appliance replacement or repair for homeowners. Twin alternating systems solve this problem and are also the most efficient systems that can be had.  They don’t care if the number of people in the home goes up or down and they will use 100% of the capacity of each tank before switching to the next tank all while NEVER letting a gallon of hard water into the home.  If you have to have a never-ending supply of soft water, no matter what the water usage may be, it’s the only way to go!  Here’s a pic of the system we just installed for a new Airbnb homeowner!   801-850-1839