Salt Lake City Water Softener System Series

Our Series metered regeneration water softeners in Salt Lake City, perfect for homeowners that are in their home for a very short period of time, but don’t want any problems.

Softening your water can make it much easier to use and agreeable for plumbing, appliances and most importantly – you! 


Royal Water Systems specializes in delivering top-notch sales, service, and installation for water softener systems. Our offerings include premium water softeners, proudly manufactured in the USA, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Choose from flexible purchase and lease options for water treatment and filtration systems, accompanied by extended service programs tailored to individual requirements, factoring in location and usage. Opt for a purchase experience that goes beyond big-box retailers—select a dedicated water treatment company with over 40 years of expertise in the field. 


Professional Series Softeners

Our Professional Series metered regeneration water softeners in Salt Lake City are our starting models. good, standard, entry-level softener with a 5-year warranty. Learn more

Advanced Series Softeners

Our Advanced Series water softeners are a better, more efficient, mid-level softener with a 10-year warranty. Learn more

Legend Series Softeners

Legend Series water softeners are our best and most popular single tank water softeners. Learn more

Ultimate Series Softeners

Our ultimate series water softeners are one of the best water softener systems for sale in Salt Lake City. Learn more

Filtersoft Series Softeners

FilterSoft Series systems are refined for water and are simply for homeowners looking for phenomenal water quality. Learn more

Salt Free Water Conditioner

Condition King is our solution for families that simply cannot, will not, or do not haul salt. Salt free water softener systems of all makes, models, and manufactures provide one basic benefit and that is scale prevention. Learn more

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