Providing Professional Water Softener Installation, Water Softener Maintenance, Water Treatment Systems and Expert Service for over 30 Years!

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of our company is to:

  1. Offer professional, USA made water treatment equipment to consumers through which we will educate customers on the size of system they will need and allow them to purchase without a push salesman in their home.
  2. Give Wholesale Pricing without compromising quality.
  3. Offer Professional Water Softener Installation and affordable annual maintenance.
  4. Offer Excellent Customer Support. Consumers will purchase not from a big-box retailer, but from a professional water treatment company that specializes in water treatment.

Quality: It’s a fact that 90% of our water softener repair service calls in Salt Lake City are on systems that were installed by our competitors.
30 years of experience has given us many valuable tools that we use every day. One of those tools is in the fact that we know where the quality is in water treatment manufacturers. You see, Royal Water Systems is not a franchise. We can purchase from any manufacturer of water treatment products that we choose to buy from. What we mean by this is that we are not limited to the products that a big brand name franchise is limited to. We therefore can and do select the best from all of the manufacturers and build our own systems that we know will stand up to the test of time and we feel comfortable matching any warranties that our competitors can give out. We know who manufacturers the best valves, who provides the best water treatment resins and medias, who is on the top of their game with the latest of technology. We feel confident that we can offer you the best that can be had.

We realize that plumbing in a water softener is not difficult, but so often what people fail to understand is what comes after the plumbing – it’s called “putting the system into service”. Every Salt Lake City water softener installation that Royal Water Systems does goes through a checklist and every facet of the water system is proved to be properly working. We don’t care for surprises and call-backs and so it’s well worth our time to check your water pressure, to make sure the right amount of salt or potassium is being used per regeneration, to make sure the flow controls are right so each regeneration is optimized for the greatest efficiency and to insure that the system is programmed to your specific water problems and needs. It’s not just these things, but many other things that make a big difference and a successful sale. Anybody can plumb a water system in, but if it’s not done right and attention paid to the details, the customer pays for it throughout the years and will probably never know it.

Our goal is to be a company that’s not just providing water softener installation and then walking away. When you purchase a system from Royal Water Systems, you become a part of our company. We’re here for you before, during, and long after the install. That’s where our “service is our sales pitch” logo comes into reality.

We realize that if a sense of value is to be ours it can only come through service. We love service calls because it tells us that our customers and those that will become our customers are counting on us and that we are providing a valuable product and service to the community. We will provide water softener maintenance in Salt Lake CITY and the surrounding cities and community for any brand of softener or water treatment system no matter where you purchased it and we will stock the parts and filters you need to keep your system up and running.

If you are considering purchasing a water softener and treatment system in Salt Lake City ask yourself one single question – “What is the real reason that I want to install a water treatment system?” You will find that the answer is to make your life better, or easier in one way or another. As busy Americans we have very busy schedules. In so many households both the husband and the wife work and there is no time to take care of issues that have plagued Americans for so long. Do you have the time and energy to clean soap scum off shower walls and bathroom and kitchen faucets if you don’t have to. Do you have the time and energy to work stains out of your children’s clothes when you don’t have to? Do you have the time and energy to replace the water heater or your dish washer when it is destroyed by hard water buildup? Now ask yourself another question, “Is installing this system really going to solve my problem?” If you are purchasing a cheap system, or if you have chosen a company that will have to keep coming back on service calls to fix it, or keep it running I am afraid you will be sadly disappointed.


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